Cultural Festival

Pine Ridge Office Park- Oklahoma entails a lot of culture. Culture of Native Americans and traditions lay between different towns.

The 29th Annual Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival will be held next weekend June 5 through June 7. It will take place in the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City.

Throughout the festival you’ll be able to experience fine artists of American Indian decent, along with dancers from North America. They come together to celebrate the richness and diversity that the world has for the Native American heritage and culture.

The Red Earth Festival is one of the largest cultural and more respected events of its type. This festival sets a lot of standards for the many of today’s Indian art shows holding art, music and culture. There will be many opportunities to view and purchase art such as beadwork, basketry, pottery, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, graphics and cultural attire that would be worn by the Native Americans back then.

Every year there is always a Red Earth Fancy Dance Competition. At this competition event, it features elite Native American dance in Men’s Fancy War Dance and Ladies Fancy Shawl. Each one will show off their own skills, personalities and originalities throughout the dances. These are considered some of the most prestigious native dance competitions.

During the festival, there will be children activities. Many youngsters will be at the festival, so why not keep them entertained and through the cultural activities. These will include hands-on activities for the children to partake in that will be crafts and different fun stuff.

Along with the children activities, there will be the youth art competition. The youth art competition helps stir up and start artwork that is sponsored by the James H. & Madalynne Norick Foundation in Oklahoma City. Native American youth ages of nine to eighteen are eligible in participating in the competition. There will be three groups divided up among age and then three different awards given out. Children are allowed to create what they want from pottery, painting, drawing, graphics, photography, sculpture, basketry, beadwork, cultural items and jewelry. Prize money will be awarded to the most unique and cultural item.

At the end of the festival, there’s a grand parade. The grand parade fills up the streets of downtown Oklahoma City with vibrant Native American tribal culture. The Native American tribal spirit as tribal representatives, in full regalia, will be making their debuts in the Red Earth Parade, which is one of America’s most unique festivals. The parade honors the Native American culture throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has over dozens of towns and cities named after Native Americans and their culture. There is Broken Arrow, Broken Bow, Skiatook and many more. Those are just a few for cultural reference. Native Americans are a huge part of the Oklahoma community, and the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival will teach many of those who aren’t familiar and who are familiar.

Celebrate the Native American culture and heritage from June 5- June 7.

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