OKC Office Space- For Lease

When you’re looking for a new OKC office space, you’re usually looking to upgrade with a larger office space.


There are random places within Oklahoma City to rent or lease for an office space. Within these many places to rent from, the one place that has the best OKC office space has four different buildings with fifteen office spaces for lease.


Beautiful office space found in these OKC office space comes with quality and value. The features in these beautiful office spaces are that they have white walls, curved archways, windows, doors, bathrooms, little kitchen dinettes, smaller office spaces within a larger office and larger rooms for conference calls and meetings.
Each building is set up differently based on what type of business or type of space is needed to run your company. These OKC office space for lease are different sizes as well. There are five suites that range from 750 square feet up to 2,300 square feet in each building. Some of the suites for the OKC office space are identical to each other.

These office buildings and spaces are one of a kind. You’re able to create anything out of them into your own business space.

With creating your own office space after leasing it from a building, you’re wanting to jazz it up and make it look like your brand. For instance, you’re probably wanted a customized sign that hangs in the window or inside of the office to represent who your company is and what you provide for your customers. Another great touch to show off your brand is get a Fat Head generated from your logo to place on the wall. So, when customers walk in and see your logo blown up onto the wall, they’ll remember who you are.

Other great ways to turn your OKC office space into your own is to add color and décor. Color is a huge step into making your brand known. Choose the colors that are on your website and business cards, and either paint the space or use them throughout the space. These could be with colorful chairs, desks, lights, wall colors or even small desk organizers. The other is décor. Décor is a great way to pronounce what your business can do for others and it also gives off the environment you like to work in. Some office spaces like it dimly lit with darker colors. Opposed to other office spaces liking natural light come through the windows with lighter felt colors.

Wherever your OKC office space is located, you can truly make yours stand out with a couple hints of color, branding and furniture/ décor touches.

We’re located at SW 89th St between South Pennsylvania Avenue and South Western Avenue. We can schedule a walk-through and visit anytime at your earliest convenience.

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