OKC Office Space are huge Thunder fans and Kevin Durant supporters. Although the season was short lived and ended early for the Oklahoma City Thunder, there has been conversation on multiple occasions for multiple Thunder Players and the team.


With Pine Ride Office Park holding true to OKC Thunder NBA team, there has been much to say lately as to what will happen for this upcoming season.


The main chatter about the Thunder is from second year defender, Andre Roberson. Andre Roberson is a quiet player, but makes bold statements on the court from this past season.


Heading off into summer vacation and summer leagues, Roberson has been making comments lately that show how bold he truly is as a player and a believer.


As he said in The Oklahoman, “I see myself as possibly being the best defender in this league if I put my mind to it.”


Even though that’s not the truth as of today, it could be the truth for this upcoming season or seasons. It’s very possible with the perseverance this kid holds. With having his strides and streaks of improvement, they made for bold statements that proved his undeniable reality.


Challenging different opponents in the season, such as Monta Ellis, Eric Gordon and Gerald Henderson, he spoke for it on the court. For Monta Ellis, Roberson had 25 points on an 8-for-33 shooting over two games and for Gerald Henderson, he had 8 points on 3-for-17 shooting over two games.


During the season, multiple defensive players such as James Harden, C.J. Miles and DeMar DeRozan had off nights of their shooting game. Roberson isn’t the best either, but he constantly is improving and putting forth the effort to overcome the obstacles and the other defensive stats.


Roberson stated in The Oklahoman, “I’m just kind of out there willing to risk anything and everything for this team….I think we have a lot of guys like that on the team, not just myself. But that is what I brought to the team, energy.”


As for other news for the OKC Thunder, there has been changes in coaching that brings excitement ahead.


There has been high-positivity within the team and the help of Durant because of the big changes they had just gone through.


The Thunder has some of the youngest players to the league, which some of them will play in the Orlando league this summer to better themselves. Teamwork and being a team is a huge deal for the OKC Thunder. Not only are they teammates on the court, they are friends off of the court as well. Being there for each other basketball related or not, they have each other to support them and lean on.


Westbrook stated for a Thunder writer, “We have a great group of guys that can make impacts as you can see throughout a season, unless we have our full roster back and group of guys I think is going to be tough to beat a team that has so many different weapons.”


No matter where the season takes us, OKC Office Space is a huge supporter and fan of the Thunder. Thunder up!


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