Smoothie King Comes to Oklahoma City

There’s a new royal coming to town. The Smoothie King makes its way into Westgate Marketplace in Oklahoma City.

Smoothie King is an international chain smoothie business. It provides smoothies with recipes and ingredients that offer a healthy and active lifestyle. There are various smoothies to choose from the menu. This franchise takes on an outlook that most smoothie places do not.

The choice of new smoothies, fitness, slim, wellness, energy, or take a break blends make up Smoothie King ’s menu. Under new smoothies you’ll find a couple of new blends offered under specific categories. Each smoothie is blended with important components.

The fitness blends help tone, build muscle or recover. These fitness blends come in all protein flavors such as almond mocha, banana, chocolate, lemon and pineapple. If you are looking to bulk up there are the three main Neapolitan flavors: chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. There are options to power plus your workout with peanuts or if you choose you can activate muscles in flavors such as chocolate and strawberry. Whether you are looking for the perfect protein packed blend or a recovery blend, this place has it all.

If you aren’t looking to bulk your build, but rather slim down, the slim blends are a great choice. These blends help to slim down, reduce calorie intake, burn fat and get lean. These come in various flavors and are made with Greek Yogurt, soy, protein and a fuse of fruits.

Along with staying fit, Smoothie King offers wellness blends and energy blends. The purpose of the wellness blends are to help stay on track with your diet and keep the immune system strong. Various nutrients and vegetables pour into these that combines for a healthy balance. The energy blends are supported by fruits and an electrolyte mix that will kick start and continue throughout the day, unlike caffeinated and sugary drinks.

Not knowing what you are consuming is an unhealthy habit. Staying on track will not only benefit you but you’ll feel better too. Each smoothie gets broken down with nutritional facts based on a 20 ounce cup size. The blends are listed into chosen categories with listing its calories, fat, and saturated fat, fat from calories, cholesterol, carbs, sugar, protein, sodium and fiber. This gives you a better understanding and knowledge of what smoothies you need for the specific diet or healthy lifestyle you want to pursue.

With wanting to pursue a happier and healthier lifestyle, Smoothie King members can help set you up with the right supplements and talk about which enhancers within your blends will benefit you. There are a vast amount of natural caffeine, protein, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and herbal energies that fit into the blends for a snack, post workout shake or even a meal replacement.

“Every smoothie is blended with a purpose.” Smoothie King ’s mission is to inspire people to live a happier and healthy lifestyle. Instead of driving through the next fast food window, think how you can fulfill your body with fruits, veggies and a kick of protein.

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